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  • Guess what?
  • My! What big lies you have
  • I'm busy next year
  • I'm happier being miserable
  • This is going to hurt you...
  • You are turning into your mother
  • It used to be every minute...
  • Fake it? Moi?
  • Did we have sex?
  • I wish I had been drunk
  • What is it like being a jerk?
  • Do you believe the things you say?
  • So sorry to learn that you have rabies
  • Why you will never get this card
  • I feel sorry for your other lovers
  • I wonder what music I'll listen to....
  • There isn't going to be a next time
  • Just once I would like to be the taker
  • Whenever I feel like laughing...
  • In my head, you don't answer back (1)
  • In my head, you don't answer back (2)
  • You had your chance
  • She can keep you
  • If I'm frigid, it's because you leave me cold
  • Don't cluster me so/I am not a breakfast cereal
  • Are you being friendly, or just networking? (1)
  • Are you being friendly, or just networking? (2)
  • I see you've been slaving under a hot anesthetist
  • I am just using you for research
  • Was it good for me?
  • I am not your ex yet


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    You Me, Where Think I Thanks You Pavlov's