Brokenhearted cards  

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  • Notice me!
  • Lies, lies, lies
  • No one else smells like you (1)
  • No one else smells like you (2)
  • No one else smells like you (3)
  • Call me/text me/email me...
  • Love bites. Romance sucks
  • You made me feel normal
  • I've been an idiot
  • How do you think I'm feeling?
  • I drink about you too often
  • Is your office younger than I am?
  • I'd give my left ear to hear your voice
  • Bliss is having only one day...
  • I can't sleep without you (1)
  • I can't sleep without you (2)
  • You sleep me safe at night (1)
  • You sleep me safe at night (2)
  • Could you possibly be less impossible?
  • What do you want from me?
  • Why would I want to stay friends?
  • I tell complete strangers about you
  • You don't care enough to be honest...
  • I'll never fall for anyone like you again
  • I just wish I had known...
  • I'm lost with you
  • You are starting to scare me
  • Is there no end to your talons?
  • Three strikes and you're out
  • My nose bleeds for you
  • You've left toothmarks on my heart
  • Life is pretty hideous without you
  • I'll get over you if it kills me
  • I'm curious to know how our story ends


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