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  • Me, me, me (1)
  • Me, me, me (2)
  • Get over yourself
  • Are you ok?
  • You put the "moo" in moody
  • Why do I bother?
  • You make my blood boil
  • Why not just shoot me?
  • I feel like your maid
  • Why are we in touch?
  • You owe me money
  • Was it worth it?
  • Last time was the last time
  • It was a heart, dammit....
  • Stop telling me what to eat...
  • I can sulk for days
  • Too bad the crocodiles got you
  • I've been patient/supportive/understanding...
  • Don't ever stop telling me what to do...
  • I don't appreciate you quite so much...
  • I hear you loud and clear...
  • Why don't you be the bad dog for once?
  • Lying, crying and sneaking around...
  • I was not born bitter + twisted
  • I get madder every minute
  • ...Then don't take me shopping
  • Are you in this relationship?
  • Thanks for turning me into a cliché


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