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  • Walk with me
  • I am jealous of your shampoo
  • Bliss is having only one day to get through...
  • Still grinning from year to year
  • You should be illegal
  • You look like my kind of trouble
  • Everywhere I go, I carry your heart with me (1)
  • Everywhere I go, I carry your heart with me (2)
  • Stop! I can only take so much happiness
  • You speak my body language like a local
  • I dance to the beat of your vegan heart
  • I can only be me with you
  • I was warned about you... (1)
  • I was warned about you...(2)
  • You give me moosebumps (1)
  • You give me moosebumps (2)
  • Lead me astray and I'll follow you anywhere
  • You are as far out of my comfort zone...
  • You are the biggest adventure I want to go on...
  • I am just using you for research
  • I tell complete strangers about you
  • Life is pretty hideous without you
  • I could listen to you listen to me all day long
  • Could you try being consistent occasionally?
  • can be very demanding
  • If you were any easier to get along with...
  • ... I would have wished for you (1)
  • ... I would have wished for you (2)
  • I could get used to you
  • If it weren't for the tail, you'd be perfect
  • For better or worse (for wear)
  • For someone so bad, you're awfully good
  • I go weak at your knees
  • When I see you unexpectedly...
  • Luckily for you, I'm a sucker for dirty, rotten scoundrels
  • At least one of us knows that you are a fraud
  • You are turning into your mother
  • All you've done today is mown
  • You wag a mean tail
  • I so want to believe you
  • One of us is the problem


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