Lips + ears  

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  • You're a keeper (1)
  • You're a keeper (2)
  • You are just right
  • Run away with me
  • I could eat you alive
  • I would diet for you
  • I can't sleep without you
  • Men like you really exist?
  • Women like you really exist?
  • How did I end up with you?
  • You are attractively strange
  • Fancy a grumble?
  • You make me feel normal
  • Thanks for putting up with me (1)
  • Thanks for putting up with me (2)
  • I drink about you too often
  • You've hurt my last feeling
  • Life is pretty hideous without you
  • There's something fishy about you
  • I'm happier being miserable
  • I don't appreciate you quite so much when you yell
  • Just once, I would like to be the talker
  • Me, me, me
  • Rabbit picnic
  • Why can't you be more like me?
  • You make me look intelligent
  • I drink so I have something to blame... (1)
  • I drink so I have something to blame... (2)
  • If you can read this, we're too close
  • If you don't want to grow old with me...
  • The only thing I'm getting from you is older
  • So sorry to learn that you have rabies
  • Miaow
  • This is your day to be recycled
  • You put the "moo" in moody
  • You are so deluded
  • No listening
  • Do you want me to check your ears for free?
  • I wouldn't wish you on my worst enemy...
  • What is it like being a jerk?
  • I'm giving you the bird
  • Too bad the crocodiles got you


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