Sorry cards  

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  • This is all your fault
  • I'm the one that's sorry
  • I won't tell if you don't
  • I am not a masochist
  • You incomplete me
  • Why do you need me to be perfect?
  • I will never leave you...
  • I didn't say I would wait forever
  • This is not a game to me
  • Sometimes I could just hug you in half...(1)
  • Sometimes I could just hug you in half...(2)
  • Sometimes I could just hug you in half...(3)
  • Why don't you worry about being a worrier?
  • I don't like the person you are turning me into
  • Promise me you'll never promise me anything...
  • If you know what's good for you, you'll lose the snore
  • Talk to me or I will be reduced to sending you a card
  • I'm suffering from post-romantic distress
  • You are turning into my mother
  • All the things I never said
  • Haven't we been here before?
  • I wish we had a back button
  • We should have turned around...
  • You are toast
  • Are you sorry yet?
  • I'd be loose without you
  • I was not always like this
  • You make me nervous
  • I lied


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